At ENCADE, we offer training services to help individuals become virtual workforce professionals. Your organization most likely already has great people you want to keep. Of course, you will also want to consider hiring more people as your virtual workforce develops and expands. No matter whether the people in your virtual workforce come from your traditional employee pool or were hired specifically to work virtually, proper training is crucial to their success and the success of your organization.

Hiring the right company to train your virtual workforce can make a significant difference in how well that workforce performs both at the beginning and over time. The trained professionals at ENCADE can help ensure that your entire workforce gets the knowledge, training, and information it needs to be successful.  Among our options are self-guided training, instructor-guided training, and the creation of customized training for your virtual workforce.

With so many different functions, skills, abilities, and requirements needed for a fully functional virtual workforce, it can be difficult for an organization to know where to start or which components of their workforce take priority over others. That is where ENCADE comes in, with the knowledge and information needed to help everyone in the organization train for the virtual workforce. We provide training for:

  • Virtual workforce members
  • Virtual workforce project and functional managers
  • Virtual workforce human resource managers
  • Virtual workforce capability architects
  • Virtual workforce analysts
  • Virtual workforce enterprise capability assessors

There are organizations that train their own virtual workforce, but they often struggle with a lack of quality information as to how to improve that workforce or their entire organization properly. Since a virtual workforce is an enterprise capability for any organization, it is vital that the workforce is correctly designed and trained. From the remote worker all the way up through their management, along with human resources, analysts, and others, everyone needs to know their jobs and why those jobs are important.

With ENCADE training, you can help your organization learn and truly understand all the components of a virtual workforce. Not only does that provide peace of mind, but it provides a solid basis of knowledge with which any organization can continue to build, maintain, and utilize its virtual workforce. You cannot put a price on the value of the right level of training for your organization's virtual workforce, and ENCADE is ready to help you make your organization's virtual workforce everything you want it to be.


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