At ENCADE, we want to make sure that every organization and every virtual worker has the knowledge and information they need to be as successful as possible. This often comes through becoming certified, due to the learning process to accomplish that. The value of certifications to individuals and organizations cannot be overstated. It is vitally important for organizations that want to build and maintain a virtual workforce, and for individuals who want to be a part of that workforce. As the landscape continues to change in the business world, more virtuality is going to be needed in a larger number of organizations.

There are numerous reasons why virtual teams and the overall virtual workforce experiences difficulties when organizations try to implement them as a part of their enterprise-wide strategy. These difficulties often come about because the organizations do not know what it takes to implement this workforce virtualization capability on an enterprise-wide level. There are, fortunately, ways to understand what it takes for implementation so that it can be done the right way. With the knowledge gained from ENCADE certifications, organizations and virtual workers can significantly reduce these issues and problems.

The reduction of concerns that comes along with certification can help ensure that the organizations and the virtual employees are ready for, and equipped with, what they need to create and maintain a strong and successful enterprise-level workforce virtualization capability. To help as many virtual employees and organizations as possible, we offer three different certification options to choose from. Selecting the right one(s) will allow individuals and organizations to advance their knowledge and become more virtually capable, to take their abilities to the next level.

1) Certified Virtual Workforce Associate (VWA)

This is designed for individuals who want to work virtually, so they can better understand what that will require of them and how they can be an asset to the organization they work for. Not everyone is prepared to be a part of the virtual workforce, but everyone can learn. Some will be more prepared than others right from the beginning, and others will need more information, knowledge, and practice. With this certification, these individuals will learn their responsibilities, their roles, and their expectations, along with challenges, risks, and the entire virtual environment.

2) Certified Virtual Workforce Professional (CVWP)

This certification is designed specifically for those who want to manage a virtual workforce, whether they are already managers of traditional employees or they are training for a management role in their organization. These managers may or may not work at the organization's location, as they might also be virtual workers, as well. Managers who receive this certification will undergo comprehensive training in how to manage a virtual workforce, identify important roles and responsibilities, and set expectations for the employees that they will be overseeing and working closely with through the use of technology.

Additionally, they will learn how to select the proper organizational arrangement for the virtual workforce they will be managing, and choose the right tools, equipment, and technologies, as well. Doing this is the first step toward a successful workforce, but it is a step that may be overlooked by those who are not familiar with the management of a virtual workforce and the unique needs and requirements that this type of workforce has. Setting up the right virtual workforce from the beginning is an excellent way to provide the most value to the organization using that workforce, in the short and the long term.

By selecting workforce members who have the right combination of diversity, skills, and abilities, the virtual workforce will be stronger and better able to work together. Not everyone on the virtual workforce should be the same. They need to be different from one another, so there is an exchange of ideas and beliefs that can spark discussion and propel the virtual workforce and the organization forward. This certification includes an understanding of all that is needed to set up a virtual workforce for an organization, and offer everything that will be needed to ensure its effectiveness from the start.

3) Certified Virtual Workforce Assessor (CVWA)

Training and certifying professionals on the virtual workforce reference model and the virtual workforce assessment model are both essential. It allows individuals to become enterprise assessors of the virtual workforce, so they can examine these workforces and help organizations mature their virtual workforce capabilities properly. The CVWP is a prerequisite for this certification. Once an individual has obtained this specific certification, they will be better able to address an organization's specific issues and concerns, to ensure that the virtual workforce is operating smoothly, efficiently, and effectively for the long term.

By becoming certified through ENCADE, individuals who work for organizations can learn more about the value of a virtual workforce. Management consultants are also able to use these certifications and work to advance their careers by developing knowledge in this new capability. The virtual workforce is unlike traditional employment options, and all indications are that the virtual workforce will continue to advance in the future. With that in mind, more and more organizations are moving toward these kinds of capabilities and all they have to offer.

Certification through ENCADE is not a requirement to create and operate a virtual workforce, but it is certainly a way to ensure that there is a clearer understanding of that workforce, its value, and how it operates. The more knowledge an individual has, and the more knowledge an organization has, the more that can be accomplished. Skills and abilities are highly valuable, but they will not take an organization to the next level without the understanding of how to use them properly. By keeping that in mind, the value of certification can more easily be seen.

Focusing on the knowledge gained through certification is one of the best ways to see the true value of becoming certified. ENCADE is committed to making the virtual workforce work for organizations and is ready to help any organization move to the next level.