At ENCADE, our network of consultants are trained and experienced professionals who understand the inner workings of the virtual workforce capability. They also carry ENCADE Virtual Workforce Professional Certification, so you know they have the knowledge and abilities you are looking for in your virtual workforce consultants.

Additionally, we have virtual workforce capability assessors who are trained and certified to assess the virtual workforce capability of your organization in order to help you move forward the right way, with the highest level of success. We can provide consulting services in several different areas, in order to ensure you are getting all the guidance and information you need to set up, assess, and mature your virtual workforce capability.

How to Set Up a Virtual Workforce Capability

Setting up a virtual workforce capability is more than a matter of hiring remote workers and giving them the technology they can use to connect with one another. Our consultants have experience with the creation of virtual workforce capabilities for organizations like yours. They can give you the right level and quality of advice and guidance, so you can make the best choices when it comes to setting up your virtual workforce capability.

How to Assess an Existing Virtual Workforce Capability

For organizations that already have a virtual workforce in place, making sure that workforce capability is operating to the best of its ability is a vital part of continued success. With ENCADE consultants, you know you are getting trained and certified professionals who can help your organization take a careful look at what it already has and how to make it better. Even in organizations where the virtual workforce capability is well-established, there is generally room for improvement. Our consultants want to be a part of that.

How to Mature a Virtual Workforce Capability

As an organization grows and develops so must its capabilities, and that includes its virtual workforce. But maturing this capability is not always easy, and there are many different aspects and areas that have to be considered, addressed, and adjusted. With the right consultant from ENCADE, your organization can mature its virtual workforce capability. That will allow you to continue to build on the current successes in order to ensure more quality and value in the future.

Our consultants are available and ready to help. Let ENCADE show you and your organization the value of a true virtual workforce capability.