M365 Productivity and Adoption Insight Solution

Every digital transformation required careful measurement, monitoring, and reporting to ensure it is going in the right direction. Microsoft 365 solution offers a significant amount of products and solutions. It also complexes and requires monitoring and insight into the adaptation journey.

We developed a new solution to help you measure Office 365 adoption. so you can keep track of user activity across SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, Exchange, and other Office 365 services. Detect underutilized services and answer these essential questions:

  • Which of my employees are not active?
  • Who are my Microsoft 365 champions to help me drive adoption?
  • Which services are not being used?
  • What are the chat, meeting, call, and email habits of your employees?
  • What are the preferred ways of communication?

Use this data to mitigate adoption challenges, increase personal productivity, and collaboration between Office 365 users. This will help you ensure the desired return of investment.

Here are samples of our Insight365 Adaptation analytics solution. Insight365 is a Microsoft365 Power BI reporting analytics solution that provides a robust and focused set of reports covering key Microsoft365 workloads including SharePoint,  OneDrive, Exchange, and Teams. 


Overall Activities


Trent Analysis

6 Months Trend Analysis

Microsoft Teams Usage Analysis (Monthly View)

Microsoft Teams Activity Usage (Monthly View)

Exchange online monthly view

Microsoft Exchange Activity Usage (Monthly View)

The above listed dashboards are just small samples to what already provided by the solution. we are adding more dashboards in a monthly basis.

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