About Virtual Enablement - Innovative Virtual Team Building Exercises Powered by AI

We built the most innovative virtual team-building exercises that will not only improve teamwork, collaboration, communication, and creativity, but we also made it fun to do. 

lab escape room gme

The Lab Scape Room Game

escape room entrance

Voice, Text, and Team Identification

Yes,  it is a Game.

We built a platform to host games that are specifically tailored for virtual team building, to improve virtual team working.  It sets up different puzzles that can only be solved when team members work together. It is time-based, and they have to work together to accomplish the tasks at hand.


Guaranteed Immediate Results. 

Whether the team can complete all phases of the game or not, you will see immediate improvement results in team communication, collaboration, and teamwork. While they are playing this virtual team-building exercise, the team will communicate using voice chat and text chat. It is fun, but very demanding mentally and will force the team to work together. We have seen immediate improvement starting in the first 15 minutes of the exercise. It is astonishing and exciting to experience how people can come together very quickly, even if they are virtually separated.

collaborationscience puzzels

Complex puzzles that require team collaboration

Team Performance Immediate Results Too!!!

We built an analytics engine that analyses all team activities while they are playing the game, and based on our AI engine, produces a team analytics report that can be shared with the team members, to identify areas of strengths, weakness, and the possibility for improvements.

So what are you waiting for? Let us play.

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