Become A Partner

Boost up your revenue and raise partnership level by reselling the ENCADE’s Virtual Enablementation services- such as training, certification, platform tailoring, technical administration of Microsoft 365 products and services, cloud backups, virtual desktops deployment management, cloud and endpoint security management, and team enablement and certifications. We work closely with our partners to ensure they get the support they need the best benefit from this partnership. ENCADE Partners Referral Program brings a profound altruist attitude focused on partners and their customers.
Why become a referral partner?

 ⦁ Simple. You refer your client to us and upon sale, you get your commission
⦁ No investment, no commitment
⦁ You refer your clients to us, they get additional services with lower or no additional costs
⦁ No sale performance quotas
⦁ 100% developable revenue source
⦁ Complete transparency with your customers, if requested
⦁ A comprehensive library of marketing material to empower you to sell
⦁ We support you with our subject matter experts when you need us
⦁ Our commitment to always expand our offer and stay up to the highest industry standards

The percentage of referral programs is dependent on the volume and constant growth of participation. The referral program is only for service rendered by ENCADE Corporation i.e. training, certification, tailoring, admin, stimulation. Each partnership level will boost your recurring revenue. Your margins and commissions will grow with your partnership level, but all partners get the same level of 5-star support, always.

Note: Profit Sharing is not applicable to Microsoft 365 products.

Percentage break down of Profit-sharing: -
1. Up to 1000 Users - 5% - ‘Certified’ Referral Partner
2. 1001- 2000 Users: 7% - ‘Silver’ Referral Partner
3. 2001- 4000 Users:  10% - ‘Gold’ Referral Partner
4. 4001 - 5000 Users: 12 % - ‘Platinum’ Referral Partner
5. 50001 and above Users: 15% - ‘Titanium’ Referral Partner

6. Business Launch Offer: For the initial 6 months till Dec 31’20, ENCADE Corporation provides 15% of profit-sharing with the referral partners. This is an excellent opportunity to become a ‘Titanium’ Referral Partner from the get-go
Also, the referral partner will get benefited by 5% profit sharing; Whenever the clients they referred avails additional services rendered by ENCADE Corporation.