It can not be more daunting and exhausting than setting up a startup. It is not the idea that determines the success or failure of a Startup Endeavor. It is the ability to establish and run entire startup operations. Imagine the added complexity when this whole Startup Endeavor is a Virtual One. You know what! at ENCADE we have been there and we were struggling for years. so we decided to develop a one-stop-shop solution for us, and then we decided to share with the world. This one-stop-shop solution contains a suite of components that addresses all of the following for you:

1- CRM (Sales, Marketing, Client Engagement, Client Management)

2- An Integrated Website powered by WordPress which includes an integrated external client portal.

3- Support, Case Ticketing Management

4- Product and Inventory Management

5- Billing, Payments, Invoicing, and  Quotes, and Project proposal submissions

6- Project, Portfolio Management

7- Employees' Time Tracking and Reporting

8- Human Resources Management

9- Recruitments Career Management 

10- Partnership Management

11- Integrated Dashboarding and Advanced Reporting

12- Integrated Telephony Switch and PBX System for all your calling needs covering over 120+ countries.

13- Single Sign-on with Microsoft 365 and outlook integration.

Typically these features means different systems, well not in our case. it is one integrated system that works nicely together, and best of all it is delivered as a SAAS. We install, we configure, we host, and we support. So we take care of everything, and can take care of your core business.

This package also include one of the ENCADE365 bundles of your choice. So here you go you have it all, and without you even need to manage it. we do that for you. Contact us for a demo.