Vision, Conviction and Know-How

What started as a whisper, slowly turned into an unavoidable scream that the world was changing. ENCADE was born out of a pursuit to adapt our workplaces to the riveting change that was bound to sweep them away. Years ago Faisal Shehab, made a daring prediction: “We are headed for a major switch the way we work, communicate and interact with each other, and we are not ready.” From that point on he set about working on the concept of Virtualization and understanding its nuances and complexities.

ENCADE’s Vision to help businesses build an enterprise-level virtual workforce that will enhance the interrelationships and interactions between their business sprung in a time when virtualization wasn't fully comprehensible, a virtual world or workplace was then labeled a “pipe dream” by many. More than a decade later, a major pandemic is only accelerating what was already slowly taking shape.


Our vision finds its roots in a simple value: Sharing... at ENCADE, we believe in giving people the tools to shape their dreams from Faisal’s first whispers about virtualization, to the inception of ENCADE the will to empower people and organizations to take the reins of their future has never wavered. Trusting ENCADE is betting on a trailblazer, its vision, and its know how that steams from an early understanding of the shift that was ahead.


When you decide to turn your sight towards the future, to embrace a new horizon, and begin your walk into the workplace of the 21st Century, we will be by your side every step of the way, and that is our promise to you.


Who We Are

We are the Enterprise Capability Development Corporation (ENCADE) focusing on the development of a reference capability for a virtual workforce. We do this to help organizations successfully implement, manage, and get the best from their virtual workers by providing them the knowledge, the framework, the methodology, and the solutions required to implement a robust and mature virtual workforce capability.  Our ultimate vision in our current work is to provide Institute of Virtual Workforce Management, its solutions, Library of Knowledge and Community. 


There is no other work available today which offers this level of knowledge. Additionally, there is far too little research and information on the value of the virtual workforce along with how this workforce can benefit an organization when appropriately implemented. The key to that implementation and value is the understanding of the necessary architecture for correct creation and operation of the virtual workforce in any organization that desires it.


Why Us?

Because ENCADE offers you more efficiency, and better automation results. It’s just one click away with a better research engine.


Need help implementing a Virtual Workforce Capability?

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