Virtual operations is the working outcome of a transformation to a business model, utilizing a virtual workforce, within virtual working environments, to form capabilities, designed, developed, and operated, using processes, information, and technology, optimized for satisfying the needs of working virtually.


A working environment is composed of people, process, information, technology, and other resources needed to accomplish the intended work.


Integration of these elements of the environment is critical to the success of the work performed within the environment.

Integrating these elements in a virtual situation, where the working environment is physically composed of multiple individuals, individually working, in multiple individual working environmentS, is therefore an order of magnitude more difficult than in a brick-and-mortar situation.


Virtuality refers to the notion of the virtual working environment as essential to the growth and survival of the enterprise. The virtual aspects of the infrastructure are full and relevant components of the enterprise architecture.

Virtuality also refers to the notion that architecting the virtual working environment is the needed catalyst for change in the more traditional aspects of the enterprise. In short, the implication of a need for a multidimensional 'fit' between the organizational, personal, cultural, procedural and technological dimensions of the virtual working environment are just as "real" as the need for a 'fit' between the face-to-face interactions that occur within a brick-and-mortar enterprise, for the work to be successful.

To assure your organization can meet the needs of the virtual working environment, in addition to delivering knowledge, and training and certifying your capabilities and workforce, we provide services to train and certify from your organization, virtual workforce capability assessors to assess the virtual workforce capability of your organization, in order to help you gain awareness of your abilities and deficiencies, to move forward the right way at resolving the deficiencies, and to do all this with the probability for the highest level of success.

Of course, should there be any difficulties whatsoever, we provide consultations in virtual workforce management, in order to ensure you are getting all the guidance and information you need to set up, assess, mature, and sustain your virtual workforce capability.