If you are having problems, needing help or improvement, not understanding something concerning the management of virtual workforces, working environments, or virtual teams, or simply seeking an opinion or independent view, we consult in all elements of virtual operations, including the setup of technology to specifically support virtual work operations. Whatever it is, you can have confidence knowing you have our support in guiding you through it.

  • Addresses any issues, problems or obstacles in your transformation planning and execution.
  • Provides solutions to keep you on your plan.
  • Ensures needs and abilities are identified and met, if you are having difficulties determining so.

When you need it, our experience, advice and support in the management of teams, processes and information technology specifically supporting virtual work operations is unsurpassed. Our support in your transformation further ensures the needs and abilities of your virtual workforce and their virtual working environment are identified and met. If you have problems, knowing you have our support in guiding you through it, is key to ensuring you still have the successful transformation to virtual operations you planned for and are expecting.


Our Most Popular Solution Bundles

At ENCADE, we understand how important it is to bring complete solutions and present the best value from price, flexibility, extendability, and features perspectives. Therefore, we decided to assemble the most attractive and valuable Microsoft 365 bundles on the planet. We do bring you not only the best bread of technology solutions but also include your people's adaptation, training, fitness, productivity, and performance to the mix. 
We created three types of bundles to fit SMB BusinessNon-Profit/Charity, and Educational institutions.  Regardless, all bundles feature unbeatable ENCADE Value Promise.

  • We do not provide you part of the puzzle; we give you an entirely solved puzzle. We do it for you so that you can focus on your core business.
  • We are a Microsoft registered partner, so you get exactly what Microsoft and other Microsoft Partners give.
  • We sell you Microsoft products for either the same price or less as we pass on some partnership discount.
  • With us, it is always a monthly commitment, not annually.
  • We provide you an ongoing FREE 24/7/365 online customer support for your entire staff, not only IT Administrators.
  • We onboard your staff on office 365 and provide you basic administration for 3 Months FREE.
  • We set you up with the basic cloud and user security for your entire organization and your staff for 3 Months FREE.
  • We Migrate your existing On-Premise Sharepoint and Outlook Mailboxes for FREE.
  • We can work with your Domain registrar to map your domain to Microsoft 365, so you can use your domain to login to office 365 and send email from your domain email accounts. 
    •  We do that for FREE. 
    • This domain remapping will not affect your other domain-related services such as your website mapping. 
    • This will only be used to login to office 365 and email services.
  • And this is just the basics that are related to office 365 offerings. We also have the most competitive managed-services offerings so you can focus on your business not managing IT. We manage it for you for a fraction of the cost of hiring your own IT staff.
  • Technology is one part of the solution, but the most important part of the solution is your people. We provide the best virtual workforce solutions that are specifically tailored for virtual/remote working
  • We guarantee that you get the best results and for the best price on the market.

How are we able to do that? We are not Alone...

  • Over the years, we partnered with 40+ leading technology providers that helped us to provide you the best solutions that can be tailored to your need.
  • Our technology providers partnerships are not only reselling type of partnership but also include experts sharing and collaboration type of partnership. So when you have a problem to solve, we bring-in the best world experts to work with you to solve the problem; and the best part of that, it is included for free as part of the service.

What if I need a custom solution?

  • The bundles we offer are designed to fit most of the common use cases we have seen thus far. These bundles are designed to be highly customizable as well.  However, if non of these bundles fit your need, we will develop a solution specifically for you. That is the reason why we have 40+ technology partners.  We know that no one size fit all solution. We understand that every organization is unique and might have different requirements and needs.  
  • Contact us to discuss your requirement, and we will assemble a team of experts to provide you with options and recommend the best solution that will address your requirements 100%.