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IT Security Manager

Number of Available Positions: 1

Location: Ottawa

Experience Level Required: Fresh

Volunteer: Internship: Co-Op: Contract:
Casual: Part Time: Full Time:
JOB PURPOSE: To develop, modify and safeguard the policies of the organization. Maintain the security procedures by protecting the companys network, data against threats, security breaches, and attacks by cybercriminals.


Disclaimer: This position is unpaid. If you are applying for a co-op, please confirm from your college prior to submitting your application.

  • Perform Penetration test to find any flaws 
  • Monitor network usage to ensure compliance with security policies 
  • Stay up with the latest improvements in IT security and threats 
  • Cooperate and collaborate with management and the IT department to enhance security 
  • Keep the management informed about security software and best practices for information security 
  • Conduct periodic policy/process assessments and updates 
  • Identify vulnerability in current network  
  • Develop and implement an inclusive plan to secure our computing 
  • Identify risk to the business and recommend strategy to address those  
  • Develop long term security roadmap 
  • Audit and understand existing policies and adjust policies as needed to meet new threats 
  • Conduct ongoing reviews of technology partners to weed out weak links 
QUALIFICATION: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science 
  • 1-2 years of experience as an IT Security Manager. Volunteer and internship in the respected field is also considered  
  • Certification in information security (CISSP, CSSLP, CCFP, CISM) 
  • Experience with Office 365 and MS Project preferred 
  • Risk analysis and assessment experience a plus 
  • Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills 
  • Ability to work independently 
  • Ability to multitask and manage time well 
  • Should have excellent organization and time management skills 
  • Competence in Office 365, MS Project and MS Planner 
  • Ability to prioritize work and design schedules to meet the desired requirements 
  • Disaster recovery test results  
  • Mean time to patch  
  • Risk assessment scoring  
  • Virus infection activity (real time notification)  
  • Monitoring and response  
  • Access management  
  • Ability to work well in a team 
  • Should be analytical in thinking 
  • Must be a good team player 
  • Should have the ability to make sound judgement 
  • Should be able to work in demanding and pressurizing timescales 
  • Must have a proactive approach 
  • Training (Office 365, Cyber Security, and the virtual environment)
  • Mentoring and Coaching in the area of volunteer work
  • Reimbursement of exam fees when successfully earned the pre-approved professional certification (certain conditions applies)
  • Fixable hours and Working Virtually
  • Able to obtain a reference letter from ENCADE on the hours reported in approved time-sheet
  • Regular appraisal evaluations of skills with suggestions for improvements
  • This volunteer work / internship can be reflected on academic credits whenever applicable and accepted by the educational institution
  • Addition to the PDUs of the project management certification requirement
  • 10 Hours a week minimum
  • Weekly time sheet reporting
  • Display a positive and respectful attitude
  • Work with honesty and integrity
  • Represent the organization in a responsible manner
  • Take initiative
  • Perform their jobs to a reasonable, acceptable standard
  • Deliver results
  • Maintain good attendance
  • Be dependable and responsible
  • Be a good team player
  • Conduct themselves in a professional manner, even when off duty
  • Follow set policies and procedures when dealing with problems or issues
 We look forward to having you in our fantastic team  

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